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Robin's Nest - Mobile Digital Mammography

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Candidates must be 40 years old and older.

Cannot have a lump or other unusual symptoms.

We cannot screen patients with implants.

Please bring your prescription to your appointment.

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Take Control of Your Health Without Leaving Your Workplace.

Robin’s Nest mobile digital mammography unit offers convenient mammography screenings at your workplace. Our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced technicians and spa-like atmosphere make Robin’s Nest a unique program designed to empower women to take control of their long-term health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get a screening mammogram?
According to the American Breast Cancer Society, women 40 years old and older should have a screening mammogram every year for as long as they are able to do so.

If I have unusual breast symptoms or pain, am I a candidate for a screening mammogram with Robin's Nest?
No, our mobile unit is for screening mammograms only. If you have unusual symptoms such as a lump or pain, please notify your health care provider who can write a diagnostic mammogram referral to a fixed site facility.

What is digital mammography?
Robin's Nest-SLI offers top-of-the-line digital mammography systems that take sharp, detailed images with superior resolution in a short testing time. Like a digital camera, this system does not use films to produce images, and images are ready instantly for doctor review.

How long does digital mammography take?
Most screenings take approximately 15 minutes.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID to your appointment. If available, bring your doctor's order (prescription) and any prior mammograms on a CD.

When will I get my results?
Results are provided to your referring doctor within 48 hours.

What is the cost?
As this is a preventive health screening, most costs are included in your company's insurance. For most patients, there is no co-payment or a small co-payment.

Can I make an appointment if I don't have health insurance?
Yes, we accept patients without current health insurance, but ask that these appointments be made by phone. Please call 855-5ROBINS (855-576-2467) to book your appointment.

Will my results be shared with my employer?
No. The results of your medical test will be kept confidential.

Is Robin's Nest wheelchair accessible?
Robin's Nest is not wheelchair accessible at this time. We invite you to visit our fully accessible facilities at Sand Lake Imaging for your screening mammogram if you live in the Orlando, Florida area or visit a fixed site facility.